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British Used Printing Machinery Suppliers Association
BUPMSA accreditation schemeThe BUPMSA (British Used Printing Machinery Suppliers
Association) aims to serve the UK used printing machinery dealer
industry by promoting a recognised code of ethics and accepted
trading standards among member companies, which are vetted to
ensure they comply with the entry criteria.

The BUPMSA exists for those dealers willing to stand up and be counted and submit themselves to the discipline of a published code of ethics. Formed in 1993 the British Used Printing Machinery Suppliers Association is growing in strength and influence. Indeed it was the engine for the first ever Used Printing Machinery (UPEX) Exhibition staged at Donington International Exhibition Centre back in September 1995.

Exhibition stands at UPEX, have now taken the association to Bucharest, Dubai and India. It also exhibits regularly at DRUPA in Dusseldorf. Many hundreds of printers and dealers have visited the stands there and learnt more about how dealing with an Association member can give added peace of mind and security.
Use this site to find out more about the Association, the advantages of dealing with a BUPMSA member and the advantages of membership for dealers. If you are a printer searching for a hard-to-find used machine, simply email us with your requirements and we will circulate our membership who will either have access to a machine or should be able to locate one quickly.

First time buyers, who may feel concerned at how to choose a reliable dealer, may well feel more confident in using a BUPMSA member and can contact the independent chairman of the association's secretariat for further advice. Dealers are only admitted to BUPMSA membership on terms acceptable to the association as a whole and are pledged, among other things, to improve the reputation of the industry and abide by decisions taken by the committee.

BUPMSA, 20 Spencer Bridge Road, Northampton NN5 5EZ, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1604 756100
Fax: +44 (0) 1604 750910

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